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Your Twenty-Something Travel Primer

The Twenty-Something Travel Manifesto– the first post I wrote way back in July 2009 was really just about me being fed up, restless and wanting other people to know that there ARE options besides the cookie cutter life.

Do the Thing that Scares You– Sometimes my writings veer away from travel into more general life advice, and I’m totally cool with that. You SHOULD do things that scare you- it’s healthy!

How Travel Makes us Smarter, Wiser, and All Around More Awesome– Travel isn’t just some self-indulgent hobby, it’s a form of self-improvement. The more interesting people there are in the world, the better.

Haters Gonna Hate- My most popular post of all time was really just a rant about Eat Pray Love turned into a rant about travel judgyness (yet again).

China is What Happens When You’re Making Other Plans– One of the awesomest things blogging has lead me to is my awesome travel blogger husband-to-be. This is the post where I finally told the world I had met someone.

How to Have the Worst Day Ever in Phuket (and How to Turn it Around)– I had a stretch of a few months where it seemed like NOTHING could go my way, culminating in this no good very bad day. Still, a good attitude and a sense of humor are the most important traits to have when traveling and I think we made it work.

Laos’ Violent Hidden History One and Two– Sometimes we talk about serious things around here. In this case, I explored the very serious problem of leftover cluster bombs in Laos.

Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstacy: The World’s First 3-D Porno– My bravest solo expedition yet- and the source of my most disturbing search traffic.

Is the American Dream Holding You Back?– The more I travel, the more I see that Americans have a really skewed work-life balance. A lot of people agreed with me.

Why Your Twenties are Terrible/Awesome- I wrote this on my 27th birthday as a reflection of the weird, wonderful, painful and exciting feeling of being in one’s twenties.

How I Saved 20k In Less Than Two Years– The definitive post on short-term saving.

I’m Getting Married! A Rocky Mountain Proposal– Dramatic happy ending to my two year travel blogger romance.

What I’ve Learned From Three Years of Travel Blogging– Lessons from self-employment and location independence.

And of course, hundreds more articles in the archives...