About Stephanie

I’m a girl who can’t sit still!

My name is Stephanie Yoder and I’m a full-time freelance travel writer. For the past five+ years I’ve been semi-nomadic: roaming from continent to continent and writing about my adventures and philosophy here on Twenty-Something Travel.

Getting my snack on in Ecuador

In September 2010 I left my office job to travel the world and become a freelance writer and blogger. Since then I’ve spent time living in China, Argentina and Mexico.  I’ve climbed the Great Wall of China, been underground in the Colosseum and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve traveled through South America, South East Asia and Eastern Europe among other places, and had amazing adventures all over the world.

Along the way I met and fell in love with another travel blogger named Michael. After extensive travel together we became engaged in the Colorado Rockies in 2012. We were married on the National Mall in September 2013, and enjoyed a seven month honeymoon in Sayulita, Mexico.

It was a good day

Nowadays I have a permanent home base in the beautiful city of Seattle, but I refuse to sit still and I’m on the move at every opportunity.

And yes, I’m actually 31 now. We talked about this here, and here.

I primarily make my living off of this blog and other freelance projects. I’m heavily involved in the travel blogger community, a board member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association and a member of Navigate Media Group.

I love love love sampling local food wandering aimlessly around new cities, Diet Coke and puppies. I really, really love puppies.

A primer to some of the most common questions about this website and myself…

How Can You Afford to Constantly Travel?

I have rich parents.

No, not really, although people like to assume that. I’m a normal twenty-something, complete with student loans and sometimes really terrible spending habits. Truth is, travel is not as expensive to travel as you may believe. I keep costs low by searching out deals and staying low to the ground. I eat a LOT of cheap street food.

Flying solo in Kyoto, Japan

Before I quit my job I saved a lot of money up by working full time and living at home. This kept me afloat for my first year of full time travel. Now I make most of my money freelance writing and via this website. It’s a lot of work, but I really do love it.

You Make a Living Off Your Website, Can I do That?

Well sure, but if it was as easy as it sounds, there would be a lot more professional travel bloggers out there. I hate to be a buzzkill, but it’s not just a matter of throwing up a website, raking in a ton of money and going on permanent vacation. Very few bloggers are able to make a full time living, and the ones who do are definitely not on vacation 24/7.

I wrote a post about how I make money here.

I work. A lot. More hours than I used to back when I had an office job. Some weeks are crazy glamorous (like that time I went to Fiji) and some are epically boring. The pay is nothing to get excited about but it’s worth it- for me. The flexibility, the creativity and the spontaneity work for me, even if I struggle with the discipline.

How Do I Get Started Traveling the World/Freelance Writing/Travel Blogging?

I have a ton of resources on this very site designed to help you figure out how to do these things. Please check out the following links.

On Planning a Major Trip:

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Hiking on the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska

Here are some articles I’ve written about the reality of freelance work and blogging:

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If you’re still interested in pursuing travel blogging for fun and/or profit, you can check out my my favorite blogging course:  Travel Blog Success. 

Who Do You Travel With?

I’m a bit of a mixed bag. I set out to do my travels alone, but fate had other plans. I’ve traveled extensively with my husband Michael, although I will jump at any chance to go away on my own, and I’m a strong advocate for solo travel.

Aren’t You Scared?

Not really. I’ve been to many places that intimidate people: Mexico, China and Colombia for example. I’ve backpacked solo through Laos and Cambodia among other places. I’ve been fortunate never to feel threatened or unsafe. I’ve never even been pick-pocketed! Knock on wood.

The truth is, the world is not as unsafe as we’ve been lead to believe. With the right precautions, it’s possible to travel most places in the world without fear.

Where Have You Been?

Too many places to list!  I’m not about racking up the country count: I tend to value quality over quantity and will often spend months in the same place. At this point (October 2015) I’ve been to five continents and over 40 countries. At times it seems like a lot but I’m constantly reminded that I still have so much more to see.

Releasing sea turtles in Mexico

What’s Your Favorite Place?

I get asked this a lot and it’s basically impossible to answer. I’ve been so many amazing and unique places. If you really pressed me though, I would tell you:

  • China, Vietnam and Italy for the food (and I say this as someone who absolutely adores food).
  •  Colombia, Cambodia and Mexico for the people.
  • Japan, Spain and the Balkans for fascinating culture.
  • Fiji and Thailand for the beaches.
  • Iceland, Croatia  and the US for jaw-dropping scenery.

I could probably go on and on, everywhere is fabulous in some way. I also really love traveling within the United States. My favorite city in the world will always be London.

Where Are you Going Next?

This is always changing! My itinerary is in constant flux due to logistics, budget and serendipity. I always try to keep my readers informed.

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