Welcome to Twenty-Something Travel, your go to spot for Gen-Y Travel information and inspiration. We believe that your twenties are some of the most valuable and transformative years to travel the world and strive to provide both encouragement and practical advice on how, and where to travel.

This blog was created by me, Stephanie Yoder, a DC native who has been traveling pretty much non-stop since I graduated from college in 2007. Since the first post in July 2009, this website has grown to be one of the top independent travel blogs on the internet.

When I tell people about my travels, I usually get one of two reactions:

You’re so brave!


You’re so lucky!

I don’t really think I’m either, which is why I created this blog: to show other twenty-somethings that travel: long OR short-term is a viable option.

Most of us (particularly in the US) have been told our entire lives that there is a specific life model we need to follow: go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, work work work, retire and THEN maybe if you are in good health and financially secure you can do some traveling.

Well I’m not buying it. There is no one size fits all path to a happy and fulfilled existence. I mean this is the most practical, least hippy-dippy way possible. Life is about choices: figuring out what you want, pursuing your passions, finding what makes you happy and than finding a realistic way to make it happen.

I’m hoping to demonstrate that extensive travel in your twenties, whether it is a career break, a chance to work abroad or a nice long vacation, is a viable and even a responsible option. The world is there, waiting for you, if you’re willing to make it happen.

A bit more about the Twenty-Something Travel Staff:

Stephanie Yoder- Editor in Chief

Stephanie is the founder and editor of Twenty-Something Travel. In 2010 she quit her office job and never looked back, traveling extensively through Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. She chronicles her adventures here, as well as writing for a variety of freelance publications.

Stephanie is a founding member of the PTBA, a member of Navigate Media Group and the co-founder of the DC Travel Tweet Up.

 For more information on Stephanie, go here.

Kay Rodriguez- Staff Writer

Kay Rodriguez is the editor-in-chief of The Kay Days, a travel blog focusing on immersive travel for young people. She is also a full-time university student at Rice University in Houston, Texas. During school breaks, she travels and writes to inspire other students and recent graduates to do the same.

More about Kay

Jessica Dawdy- Staff Writer

Jessica Dawdy is a serial expat who has been slowly working her way around the world since 2011. She’s lived in 7 different countries, doing everything from painting houses to teaching English. Catch up with her travel stories and expat adventures at Ways of Wanderers.

More about Jessica

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